Friday, 9 September 2011

A few unusual christmas cards.

Here are a few unusual christmas cards I have made as part of a selection I am giving to relatives on sunday as a gift.

Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Here is the photo of the gift box I made to wrap the cards in ready to take with us on Sunday.


  1. Love them well done hun xxx

  2. Thankyou lots for the loverly comments xx

  3. They are all lovely! A nice idea to use untraditional Christmas images for Christmas Cards. :) X X

  4. Your cards are really lovely, Donna, well done x

  5. Love them Donna :-* Great idea not 2 use red, green or Christmas images :D

  6. Thanks everyone xx
    Was a little worried at first about them but am loving them in the daylight this morning xx
    Used alot of new stuff/techniques while making them so I guess I was doubley nervous xx


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