Tuesday, 28 August 2012

PFP "DT" Card - Needles and Pins.

Our challenge theme over at "Passion For Promarkers" is 'Needles and Pins'. Our loverly sponsor is Bugaboo.

Here is my card with my own interpretation of the theme. I used a cut down real pin as the needle on the syringe and did faux stitching on the card.

I did the card as a congratulations on getting into medical school/becoming a nurse type of card.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Promarker Colouring Tutorial - Part 2.

You will find my previous "Promarker Skin Tutorial here". The following tutorial shows how to finish the rest of the loverly "Saturated Canary - Grey Tie diggie stamp" designed by the loverly Krista from Saturated Canary. I really hope you enjoy this tutorial - it is only the 2nd one I have done so apologies in advance for any little mistakes.

Firstly how to colour the eyes and I use PMs: China blue + Cobalt Blue.

Then take China blue and colour the eyes as shown below.

I then take Cobalt blue and colour over the edge of the china blue and fill in the rest of the eye area.

Next I will colour the hair - I decided to use my new favourite dusky/mousey blonde colours. For this I use PMs: Raw sienna + Mustard + Saffron + Vanilla

For hair colouring I tend to work in smaller sections so that it is easier to blend the colours. My 1st step is to take Vanilla and flick colour from both side of the curls into the middle leaving a white area.

Then I take Saffron and do the same over the previous colour but not all the way over.

Then I take Mustard and do the same - again leaving some of the previous colour untouched.

Then I take Raw Sienna and use this over where I want the darkest areas.

Once I have coloured all the hair as above I then take Vanilla (I have now removed the PM fine point) and blend the hair area to get these results - see below.

I colour the lips next and I use PMs:
Antique pink + Cocktail pink

Firstly take Antique pink and colour from the out edge in leaving white where the highlights will be.

I then take Cocktail pink and blend over the previous colour but still leaving a touch of white to show the highlighted area.

Now the last step to colouring this image is to colour the bikini bottoms and the tie.

I use PMs: Warm grey 5, Warm grey 4, Warm grey 3, Warm grey 2, Warm grey 1.

Firstly I take WG 1 and colour in from the edges leaving some white where I want the highlighted areas to be.

I then take WG 2 and colour over the previous colour but stop a bit before the edge.
I now take WG 3 and do the same as the previous step - again stoppiong short of the edges.

Next step is to do the same again but with WG 4 and WG 5 till the tie looks like the photo below.

I then take the Warm Grey pens I have just used and blend back over the areas, with a lighter colour at each step too - I then use WG 5 (again) to add any darker shadows that I feel are needed to get the FINAL completed image below.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Digital Signatures.

I been playing today with making my own "digital signature" files to use in future on my card photo's. Here are a few tested ontop of a colourful flower image.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Magnolia Stamped Card.

Decided to play with my physical stamps this afternoon to make this simplified "Magnolia" card. I also used some mica sprays to colour and sparkle the flowers. I used pan pastel to edge the image. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

PFP "DT" Card.

Apologies my post is late folks but had hectic day or two.
This week over at "Passion For Promarkers" our challenge is 'Shaped Cards'. 

I used my Hougie board to create my own "Pyramid" card - hope you enjoy it - diggie stamp is from the loverly 'Mo Manning' at Mo's Digital Pencil called 'Coexist'.

Our loverly sponsor this week is:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Promarker Skin Tutorial.

Right I have given in to all the nagging off my crafty friends to do a tutorial at last, and so here is my very FIRST tutorial. I chose a loverly Saturated Canary Diggie - Grey Tie to use for this tutorial. My favourite promarkers for skin tone are: Coral, Sunkissed Pink, Dusky Pink, Blush and Cocktail pink for cheeks.

First step is to take CORAL and put pen down where the darkest shaded areas would be - dependent on your lighting source. I chose a straight on light source for simplicity.

Then I take SUNKISSED PINK and colour over the coral and into the white area a little bit.

The next step is to take DUSKY PINK and take this lightly over the coloured area and into the white area again (use little circular movements to blend any stubborn areas).

Then take BLUSH and lightly blend in the white areas completely going over the image.

Now this next step can be slightly shocking but I like really pink cheeks so I use COCKTAIL PINK but you can use BABY PINK if you want lighter cheeks. Take the pink and colour in circles the cheeks then take dusky pink/blush and lightly blend the cheeks into the face.

And here is the finished skin tone that I adore to use (sorry for slightly blurry photo - hand was shaking).

Hope you find this tutorial useful xx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012