Sunday, 12 August 2012

Promarker Skin Tutorial.

Right I have given in to all the nagging off my crafty friends to do a tutorial at last, and so here is my very FIRST tutorial. I chose a loverly Saturated Canary Diggie - Grey Tie to use for this tutorial. My favourite promarkers for skin tone are: Coral, Sunkissed Pink, Dusky Pink, Blush and Cocktail pink for cheeks.

First step is to take CORAL and put pen down where the darkest shaded areas would be - dependent on your lighting source. I chose a straight on light source for simplicity.

Then I take SUNKISSED PINK and colour over the coral and into the white area a little bit.

The next step is to take DUSKY PINK and take this lightly over the coloured area and into the white area again (use little circular movements to blend any stubborn areas).

Then take BLUSH and lightly blend in the white areas completely going over the image.

Now this next step can be slightly shocking but I like really pink cheeks so I use COCKTAIL PINK but you can use BABY PINK if you want lighter cheeks. Take the pink and colour in circles the cheeks then take dusky pink/blush and lightly blend the cheeks into the face.

And here is the finished skin tone that I adore to use (sorry for slightly blurry photo - hand was shaking).

Hope you find this tutorial useful xx


  1. Seriously amazing tutorial! I love how you blended them so perfectly. Really considering trying this. Thanks!

  2. Thanks alot Jackie, CubbyholeCraftz and Tabbatha xx

  3. Very clearly explained, great tutorial! x

  4. Thank you so much for such a brilliant, clear and useful tutorial Donna


  5. Love it I was a bit worried how dark the first colour was but they blend lovely and give a great skin tone I will certainly try these colour combos thanks Hun for a great tut I always struggle abut with skin tones for promarkers I as am so used to using copics but I love promarkers to thanks again

    Huggles Wendy oh and ps more tuts lol

  6. Thanks everyone xx
    I know when I first tried this combo it scared me silly but starting dark and working lighter blends it in loverly xx

  7. Ive never used pink colours for skin, it looks amazing, I will have to give it a go. I usually use copic skin colours. I will check out my Promarker pinks now. Linda x

  8. Well Done Donna this is just fabulous and thank you for taking the time to take the photographs and write it up on your blog.

    Big Hugs
    Linda xxxx

  9. Thanks Linny - I luv the life this skin tone gives to images :o) There are other combo's but this is my fave xx

    Cheers Linda S - Don't know why I waited so long lol xx

  10. fantastic tutorial donna.i use similar colours and they really do make the skin glow :D

    xx coops xx

  11. WoW, way to go Donna. A brilliant Tutorial showing your Fabtastic Colouring Skills;D
    Well done with the Photo's they look really great & finished the Tutorial brilliantly, Excellent work Hun, look forward to even more of your Tutorisls & your Amazing Colouring Techniques.
    Crafty hugs
    x o c

  12. Great tutorial Donna, next one please !

  13. THanks folks ;o)
    AM going to work on a tutorial to finish the image asap :o)

  14. great tutorial, thank you. i need all the help i can get
    caroline woodhall

  15. Brilliant tutorial, this is really useful - I think I'm missing a couple of colours! lol.
    Lorraine x

  16. Thanks folks for loverly comments xx
    I promise when I get chance to sit down and take photo's will do the rest of image as tutorial too xx

  17. Thank you for the great tutorial! I'm still quite new to stamping and colouring, and think this will really help! :-)


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