Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Sorry for not posting in a week. I had to step back from making a DT card this week due to having a very poorly dog over the weekend who had to be rushed to the PDSA. He is improving alot now but between that and hospital appts last week was very hectic. The rest of Oct is going to be just as bad it seems. Hopefully will post a card make soon. Thanks for the support of  all my blog followers.


  1. Hope Toby is doing better Donna :-* Try and take it easy... And I look forward to seeing your cards when you get the chance to make some again :-*

  2. Thanks Teegs - will be posting a card hopefully monday as my DT card xx As long as the weekend goes to plan xx

    Toby is alot better but on medications for life xx But has many yrs ahead of him the PDSA vet said today xx Back to PDSA in 2wks to see about him going onto repeat meds list xx

  3. That's great news Donna... I'm glad Toby is doing better :-* Medication is a small price to pay to have him for longer ;)
    I hope you have a good weekend and can get your card done... Can't wait to see it :D


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