Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Colouring Obsession.

Okay everyone knows I love my colouring in of stamped images and diggies stamps well here are the pictures of my pen collection.

Firstly my mini caddy from papermania has a full set of promarkers (with their end dots on) and 6x letraset metallic markers and several duplicates I have in my main used colours. In total 183 pens in that mini caddy plus a bag of promarker fine tips.

And also my collection of all the currently released flex markers - stored in 2x Letraset wallets.

I store all my pens flat but the mini caddy is upright only when I am using the pens. So there you have the main implements in my colouring obsession.


  1. WOW you certainly have a lot of pens Donna! Hugs, Claire x

  2. These look great Donna. It is lovely to have the correct storage for all your pens.

    Linda xxx

  3. Only a few then lol

  4. Thanks Linda xx
    I used to store my PMs in an A4 box but they soon out grew it and had to find something to fit them all xx
    Bought the caddy for £6.95 at local craft shop on the off chance and it works out well for me xx

  5. Thanks Claire and Karmakrafts xx
    I am defo a little obsessed lol xx

  6. oh wow..I have to say I am very very jealous of all your pens, I am building up my promarkers..I am only about half way there to having the full set tho :(, I love your storage for them too.
    Becky x

  7. oh wow! that's an impressive collection, I wish mine was as good as that
    Lindsay xx

  8. omg hun this looks amazing.. I store mine in mini drawers sorted in colours, but will soon need to bring them to a class so not very handy. This looks FAB.. thanks for sharing xxx

  9. Drool..... all those pens...... Great organisation!
    Dawn xx

  10. Thankyou ladies for the loverly comments xx
    The mini caddy will store the pens lying down too from front to back as well (I did that when didn't have enough to stand them up) xx
    But for £6.99 (online price) the mini caddy from papermania is super duper for ya promarkers and pens xx

    Gotta admit if it hadn't have been for a refund from a full set of spectrum noir pens (had recurrent issues so were returned for refund) and for several prize wins of promarkers I wouldn't have gotten them all yet xx

    But Woooooowwww am so CHUFFED to have them all xx
    NOW Letraset PLEASEEEEE release the other flex markers xx

  11. wow you have so many pens hun, I have some promarkers but nothing to write home about lol xx

  12. Thanks Judie xx
    If I find something I love I have to have them all lol But I can do good work with them and thats what makes them so good to me xx

  13. What a great way of storing your promarkers.
    Thanks for sharing it with us donna.
    I will order one of them straight away

  14. Woo hoo :D Glad you found a home for them all :D


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