Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tidied My Craft Area and Pet Update.

As we have house guest coming tomorrow for a week stay decided to tidy my crafting area/desk. Here is results.

Tia our new dog is settling in well but lets see how she goes with a house guest.


  1. She is so lovely ,its a job to tidy craft area isn't it that's all i seem to do but next day doesn't look any different,yours looks nice and neat

  2. Awwwww thanks alot Pauline :o) Working hard with 12mth old Tia to help her settle and learn right and wrong :o)
    Craft area needed some re-organisation as sold my cricut E2 and cuttlebug recently when I got my grand calibur and had to find homes for stuff bought since then ;o)

  3. Aaww she's lovely. Your craft space is fab too, look at that lovely Calibur! Am trying to resist getting one as I have the Cuttlebug V2. Zo xx

  4. I had the version 2 too and a cricut E2 but sold Cricut and ended up winning the calibur (was gonna buy it) then once got calibur and adapter plate to do embossing folders I sold my cuttlebug V2 as well :o) Love being able cut more out or emboss more at once :o) Just need some grand nestabilities now :o)

  5. Your craft area looks fab hun
    Lindsay xx

  6. Crafting area looks brilliant Donna. I too sold my Cuttlebug as my Grande Calibur does everything for me. Tia looks like she is well loved and at home.

    Linda xxx


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