Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh Yummy Stamps.

Now I love my Humphrey stamps and have got my hands on the all NEW "A Year With Humphrey" stamp sets. Have got them ez-foam mounted and cut out. When I can feel my hand again after all that cutting it is PLAYTIME for sure.

My Delivery Of Humphreys.


  1. I had to laugh when you said you could not feel your hand after all the cutting - you did so many at once! At least now you will have them all to hand when you want to start. Vee xx

  2. I have a problem that when I EZ-foam mount them they arent easy to cut out and my scissors seem to cut off the feeling in my thumb and finger lol But still it is ONE job that dont need doing again now ;o)
    Now I get to play :o)

  3. I'm waiting patiently for mine to arrive along with the new disk & the old Christmas Stamps as well!! Can't wait!!
    I've never used Ez foam or ezmount on mine I just use the stick n spray stuff & stamp using a stamping mat, no problems saves money & your hands lol!!
    enjoy hun
    hugs shell xx

  4. That's certainly a serious addiction you're feeding Donna. It will be lovely to see all your creations once you can feel your hand again x


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