Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sad news and inspired card

Recently on 24th June 2014 I lost my best mate and she was like my adopted mum - butterflies featured alot at her cremation and funeral and as I couldnt attend as it was 250+ miles one way and my health wouldnt allow me to drive that in a day I sat at home and lit a cadle with 3x wicks to represent me and my 2x other adopted daughters of Steph Whitbreds - the most amazing woman out there following my real mother xx

Front view

This card is INSPIRED by the butterfly theme at Stephie's cremation (my nickname for my adopted mum) xx

Opened card


  1. So sad for you Donna, and so lovely that from such a sad occasion you took a single thing from that day the butterfly and created such a beautiful card, i am sure your adopted mum is smiling down on you and the card you have made ..... Chin up huni sending you hugs xx

  2. You obviously know that she'd love this card. Use it as another momento of her; not that you need any but such things are a comfort to have around x

  3. My dear sweet friend, I was so sorry to hear your adopted mum had passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with you honey at this time. The candle and card are gorgeous. Stephie would have loved this card. Every time you see a beautiful butterfly it will be Stephie coming to say hello and see how you are doing.
    Big hugs
    Linda xxx


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