Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Spectrum Noir pen delivery.

I had my delivery of spectrum noir alcohol markers pens from Crafters Companion and I absolutely ADORE these pens. I had the 12 pack launch offer delivered and so need to save the pennies to get the four 24 pen (pastels, lights, brights,darks) sets to complete the full range. Despite having a faulty pen which they are replacing no problem I have had a great time just playing with them and scribbling on a piece of scrap stamping card to test the pens.

If anyone is in any doubt about these pens all I can say is these are the best pens I have tried for me personally. I love the juiceness of the inks and the shape of the barrel and love the nibs (one broad chissel and one thin bullet tip). Plus I can stack the pens on my desk. The price is super duper too.

Must stamp some images and get colouring in now. Thanks to loverly Sara Davies and her team at Crafters Companion for yet again another wonderful product.


  1. Have you used Promarkers? Are they better than them?

  2. I have about 50 promarkers and after a very short play with these new pens I much prefer them. But their will be pro's and con's depending on what you need yourself. But for me the shape, juiciness of the ink and the gorgeous nibs and price win out. The facility to refill them and replace the nibs will make them even better but the refills and nibs haven't been launched yet. All in all I love them and my hands don't hurt after using them like they do with promarkers.

  3. wow! I am so jealous.. just got my dispatch email..so I hope mine come soon..
    Hugs xx

  4. Lis - you will adore them.
    Can't believe how juicy they are.
    I found I needed ALOT less ink for colouring in and had to adapt my colouring in technique but the pens are so easy to get to grips with.
    DELCIOUS is how I describe them xx

  5. Thanx 4 the feedback on them Donna... I will definately b gettin these instead of Promarkers now ;)

  6. Teegs - I so hope you get some Teegs :) I tried to give my honest feedback on things good or bad and these I luv :) Yes I had ONE faulty pen that had a split in barrel and the fine tip lid stuck to the barrel BUT Crafters companion will always replace things without arguements :) But over my promarkers I know which pens I will be reaching for first every time :)


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