Friday, 9 December 2011

Twelve Simple Xmas Cards.

Here are 12x simple xmas cards I have made for us to send out to the locals/neighbours.


  1. They are really lovely hun. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Thanks Claire xx
    They only quick but they are handmade xx

  3. you are so productive Donna, I don't know where you get all the ideas from

  4. Its having too much time to think Lynnda lol
    Just glad to be crafting while we don't have workmen in the house (our boiler nearly blew up so its been replaced just waiting all day work on Weds to power flush radiators and a new central heating timer clock) xx
    Not crafted in days but wooooooooooooo 12x cards in a few hrs ;o)

  5. These are gorgeous and I bet the neighbours will be thrilled to bits :)

    Linda xxx

  6. Thanks Linda xx
    I know they aren't my normal stamped images but I thought what can I do in s short space of time and these are what came :o)
    Still they got a stamped merry christmas on front and a stamped sentiment inside ;o)

  7. These are a lovely set of cards.
    Becky x

  8. By clicking on the papercrafting hyperlink in my profile, I found your blog, Donna. Very impressed and intrigued (not quite the right word but nearabouts at the end of a long day) with your similar About Me. So many of us find crafting through ill-health. The best thing there is to be said for illness. Happy weekend.

  9. These are lovely Donna.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  10. Thankyou everyone :o)
    It is loverly to read all the comments people leave on my blog - thank you ;o)


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