Friday, 20 January 2012

Crafting Area.

I don't have alot of room to craft in but make full use of what I do. Below are some pictures of how/where I craft.

Craft desk.
Just to the left off the desk is my promarker and flex-marker colour charts. Just to the left of them (not pictured) is where I keep my Hougie board and X-cut shape cutters hung on a large hook.

Ribbon box + Cards storage.

Printer (buried beneath dogs meds).
My crafting area is part of my living-room. Due to disabling serious health issues I live with my  ill older mother and a mad and poorly 12yr old border collie called Toby.

Toby - 12yrs old.

I try to make use of everything I have for crafting. Just recently I have arranged to sell my very rarely used Cricut E2 to a crafting friend and it will be going to its new home in 4wks. I just wasn't able to make it fit my way of crafting and will be getting a grand calibur with the proceeds of selling it. Better it goes to a home it will be used than taking up space I didn't have.

So thats is how and where I craft. Thanks for looking.


  1. Very organized Donna :D Mine was... Until recent crafting (and procrastination)have left it looking like a bomb went off... Lol ;)

  2. gorjuss space there hun, much tidier than mine lol xx

  3. Awwwwww thanks Judie and to think for me I thought OMG what a mess when I took the photo lol I think because I have so little space that its important to know where everything is :o)

  4. You have a lovely and neat work area Donna and it doesn't matter how much space you have you make the most wonderful cards.

    Lots of Hugs
    Linda xxxx

  5. its brill, i would love to have a space like that, i dont have a craft space, my stuff is in the loft, there is a small space on the floor but after my car accident i struggle to sit for long periods in that position and its also bluming freezing

  6. Linda - thanks hun for the loverly comments hun xx Daft thing is too me I thought I must tidy up AFTER I took the piccie lol

    Saz - awww pity ya can't make a little space on a desk somewhere xx Huggles xx

  7. Ahh it looks fab hub, thank you for Sharing xxx

  8. Thanks for looking Marleen :o)
    I guess its what we do when we use the space that matters - not how much or how tidy it is that matters ;o)

  9. Great space and you have everything to hand too - perfect. Hugs, Claire x

  10. compared to my work desk that is fab! Mine is so full of stuff I have an A3 glass cutting mat as the work area and that's it! lol.

  11. Fab space, I think no matter where you craft as long as you enjoy it that the main thing. Zo x

  12. soooo tidy hun lol wish mine looked so neat
    I used to have a border collie when my kids were little and your pic of Toby made me smile looks so much like mine used to.

  13. Brilliant crafty space Donna! Mine is spread all over!!! No where near s tidy as yours!!
    Hugs Alison x x

  14. Thanks Alison :o)
    Thanks everyone xx


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