Monday, 23 January 2012

Yippeeeeeee !!

So excited I entered a competition apparently 6mths ago to win money to spend on crafting goodies well I got an email this am to say I was the WINNER !!

OMG soooooooooo hyperily excited !!

Didn't need any time to know what to spend it on I asked them to order the GRAND CALIBUR deal from CnC for me (the included dies won me over) !! Something I been planning on getting from elsewhere (without any dies) in a mth but now I dont have to pay for it and it has apparently already been dispatched already and is even trackable with HDNL !!

Can ya tell Donna is excited yet !!
This is the picture of what was ordered for me as my prize !!


  1. Wow well done Donna, really pleased for you hun.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  2. were obviously meant to have a GC! what a lovely surprise...cant wait to see your creations xx

  3. Fantastic news Donna!!! enjoy when it turns up xxx

  4. Congrats Donna... Well done :-* Glad you could get your GC :D

  5. Wow Donna, excellent, happy playing when it arrives xx

  6. THANKS everyone alot xx
    Really am soooooo chuffed xx

  7. Wow congratulations, I can see why you are so excited, I would be too! Zo x


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