Saturday, 25 February 2012

Grand Calibur and Raspberry 'D' adapter plate.

The following pictures show you how to use the new 'D' raspberry colour adapter plate with the Grand calibur and your "Normal" embossing folders.

Place embossing folder with cardstock in on base plate "A"

Then cover embossing folder with "Tan" mat

Then add the new raspberry "D" adapter plate

Then run the sandwich through your Calibur

This is the result

Here is the link to Spellbinders own video on how to use the raspberry plate with embossing folders.

Also here is a link to the Spellbinders "How too" articles for the grand calibur:  CLICK HERE


  1. Thank you!!! Great result! You dont have to add the tanning mat though do you? Does it give a deeper impression if you do? x

  2. I always use the tan mat but you can get away without it but ONLY when using very very thick card and thicker embossing folders. It (raspberry plate) is designed to replace the pink plate that comes with the GC in the sandwich when using normal embossing folders. Goes through my machine like butter it is so easy.

  3. Thanks Donna, this is very timely for me. I always thought the spellbinders raspberry plate was the one you needed for embossing, but having watched C&C earlier in the week, one of the demonstrators said you needed the Creative Exprssions embossing mat so I got a bit confused. Thanks for clarifying that the Raspberry plate will be sufficient. Glad you are enjoying your new toy x

  4. Well I go by how to use it shown and emo'd by Spellbinders themselves as their own education director has a video on Youtube and in their own help section on their website they tell you how to use it :o)

  5. For all those who haven't seen it here is the Youtube link to the said video:

  6. No problem Leah :o)
    It should NEVER be done using the included pink plate - no matter what folks say :o(


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