Sunday, 19 February 2012

Marker Colour Chart.

Well you all know I am addicted to using my promarkers and flex-markers and limited edition spring promarkers. Well today I have sat down and done a complete colour chart with ALL the pen colours on the one chart. I have wrote on my own copy a little 'L' on the limited edition colours as you can see in the photo below of my coloured in chart. Think this is what comes from having all the promarkers, flex-markers and 3x packs the spring limited edition pens and of course some useful duplicates.

My own full PM/FM colour chart completed.

I don't use the colour numbers so have only put the colour names on the chart. Here is my blank marker colour chart: DOWNLOAD LINK


  1. Wel you certainly have been busy Donna,and you did really well x

  2. Took ages to get ti laid out right and get the colours typed in but it works well after all that for me at least ;o) PLUS it may be useful for a few others too :o)

  3. I think I will have to do the same - it was ok when I just had a few but my collection has doubled in a week and I can't keep track. Marie x

  4. I got all the PMs and all the FMs and loads of duplicates and 3x packs the spring limited editions - hence making the chart above (available via the download link free) as I was fedup of searching 2x colour hcarts for what was an FM/PM/both colour lol

  5. You have been a busy bee - looks fab. Hugs, Claire x

  6. I know I am MAD Claire but needed a chart that worked for me lol


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