Friday, 5 August 2011

How do you store your unmounted stamps ?

The question of stamp storage arose on a facebook group I use today and I thought I would share my stamp storage. The ladies on a craft forum I use gave me the idea but what I do is this:

1) stamp the set of images onto white copier paper
2) laminate each sheet of images
3) spray the back of the stamps with crafters companion repositionable glue spray "Stick and spray" or attach to ez-foam if the stamp needs it
4) place the stamp sets on their matching image on their given laminated sheets
5) store them with their accompanying leaflet or packet front (if they have guide images on) in A4 polypockets
6) place said polypockets into a lever arch folder or ring binder

Here are the photo's of my unmounted stamp storage.


  1. Well they needed storing some how lol
    The girls on a craft forum I use gave me the idea xx

  2. It's a great idea... I only have a few, n I keep mine in their packs in a set of mini drawers ;)

  3. I have over 30 sets in the folder of unmounted rubber stamps and I keep my clear stamps, my magnolia stamps and wood mounted stamps in a tin on my desk xx
    15 of the sets in the folder were new last week lol xx

  4. Wow... U certainly do have a collection ;)

  5. lol I am a madly addicted stamper lol

  6. Lol... I can c that ;) I'm addicted 2 digi's at the mo... Which is proberly a good thing, coz everytime I use an actual stamp I get ink everywhere lol ;)

  7. I do alot of digi's stamps too xx
    The babys that I coloured today are digi's xx
    The new pens work good with my printer and digi's so am dead happy xx

  8. That's good 2 know... I can't wait till they restock ;)


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