Sunday, 21 August 2011

Playing with my Pinflair goodies.

Well have been playing with my Pinflair prize goodies and some bits out of my own stash.

This is the card that came out of it.


  1. I love it Donna... It's gorgeous :D Glad you got your crafting mojo back and could use your prize goodies ;)

  2. Thanks alot Teegs :o)
    So relieved to get some sleep and be able to craft ;o)
    I think being to unwell to craft via the lack of sleep made things a whole lot worse :o\
    Still neighbour is behaving and I am crafting again ;o)

  3. I'm glad your back too :-* Let's hope now that you have spoken to your neighbour they remain quiet for you :-*

  4. Its not noise Teegs - it was light shining right into my bedroom xx

    Still am back to crafting - Yippee xxx

  5. Ahh... Sorry I thought it was noise... But light's just as bad... Well lets hope they leave it off ;)


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