Friday, 19 August 2011

My loverly Pinflair prize parcel delivery.

At the beginning of the week I mentioned that a card I made for the Pinflair forum floral card competition had been voted the winner by the forum members.

Well this lucky girl got the most delicious goodies delivered today from Pinflair (thanks Antony and Christine).

Here are the pictures of the loverly goodies Pinflair sent me as my prize for winning. I am majorly chuffed right now.

My Pinflair prize delivery all together.

Floral card kit.

Xmas card kit.

Sarah Kay decoupage kit.

Pinflair mix n match steppers with inc. knife.

Pinflair foto-glue, glue gel, sticky pickup tool and spare blades for the stepper kit knife.

Large pack of 12" papers/card.
Thankyou again to Prince Pinflair (Antony) and Princess Pinflair (Christine) for running/sponsoring the competition and for the gorgeous goodies.


  1. looks like it arrived on the right day something to cheer you up and help make you feel better

  2. Definitely Alison xx
    The goodies are fabulous and my piccies don't do them justice xx

  3. WOW I bet you are so pleased with that little lot - some amazing craft goodies there Donna to keep you nice and busy. What a lucky gal you are. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Thanks Claire xx
    They are wonderful goodies xx
    Can't wait to play with them hopefully tomorrow xx

  5. Well done Donna... Such a great prize 2... U definitely got the mother load there... Lol... Can't wait 2 c wat u make out of it all :-*

  6. They are GORGEOUS Teegs xx
    Will be sitting down to play tomorrow xx

  7. Congratulations, what a wonderful price. Happy crafting! Alex x

  8. Well done Donna - that's definitely a prize worth having.! x

  9. Thanks everyone :-)
    Can't wait to make some cards with the stuff ;-)


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